Cute Pickleball Outfits: How to Dress Your Best on the Court and Beyond

Cute Pickleball Outfits: How to Dress Your Best on the Court and Beyond - Holbrook Pickleball

We may not gather on the court every week exclusively to gawk at the latest pickleball fashions, but it’s impossible to say that fashion plays no role in the average player’s life. After all, racket sports like tennis have long served as inspiration for designers looking to market sporty, luxurious athleisure to the general public. The iconic tennis skirt, for instance, has become a mainstay in fashion that trickled down from the designs that tennis players wore.

Further, it’s hard to deny that we play better when we feel better, and for a lot of folks, clothing is a huge mitigating factor in confidence. Well-chosen clothing can bolster our feeling that we are put together, while clothing that fits poorly or looks unappealing makes us feel incompetent even though we all know that raw skill has absolutely nothing to do with how we look (Duh. Obviously.) People who want the game to feel fun pick out funny pickleball outfits, like custom printed leggings, shirts, and paddle designs; people who want to feel deadly on the court opt for sleek, utilitarian designs that enable movement.

Pickleball Outfits

All of this is to say that it’s only natural to want to look your best on the court, and we have some outfit inspiration to offer to pickleball players of all skill levels looking to level up their fashion game.

Take it alllllll the way back with vintage gym shorts and t-shirts

Looking at the trends of yesteryear can sometimes open new avenues of style, and with the 70s back in full force, there’s nothing better than going full-blown retro. The 70s had a ton to offer in terms of athletic wear for men and women alike, from high-rise athletic shorts to sweatbands and more. What’s more, these kinds of outfits have successfully passed from overdone to chic in the past few years, so you’ll be on the cutting edge of pickleball fashion.

If you’re looking to get midcentury modern, there are some garments you have to get to achieve the look. Opt for high-waisted athletic shorts in warm colors or light, muted colors like orange-red, gold, or baby blue. Pair with a tight white t-shirt and below-the-knee tube socks (pulled up or scrunched around your ankles works equally well) to really pull it off.

But if you’re anxious to fully commit to the look – we get it, it’s a lot to work with -- even just a few pops of warm colors can evoke the feel-good vibes of the era and leave you excited to get a sweat on.

Pair this retro pickleball outfit with our Rewind paddle for a double dose of those vintage vibes. The fun, cute pickleball paddle design offers a flash of color that is bold enough to add an element of fun to your day at the court while being subtle enough that it could blend in with absolutely anything you wear. 

Cute pickleball outfits

Keep it easy with modern prints and effortless cool-girl style

Some people look cool no matter what they do. Running to catch the bus in a big winter coat? Cool. Snorting while drinking coffee? Still cool. Becoming a sweaty mess after a particularly intense pickleball match? Extremely cool.

Coolness is an aura, something hard to describe, but it’s also a way of styling yourself. Cool lives in modern and versatile athleisure that looks like it could easily transition from a day on the court to a lowkey photoshoot.

Our dream cool girl pickleball outfit? Pair an oversized graphic t-shirt – preferably adorned with some modern art, like Keith Haring’s designs – with bike shorts, a bucket hat, and one of our Soho paddles. Reminiscent of many lineart designs, our Soho pickleball paddles are the definition of effortless appeal and urban design sensibilities.

Prep it up with classic tennis styles revamped for a new age

We’re talking proper pickleball attire here – think classic pickleball dresses and skirts in whites and muted pinks, simple jewelry that can hold up against our movement, perfect ponytails, and pristine sneakers. For men’s pickleball clothing, think polos and gold watches, sleek black shoes, and a clean pressed sweatshirt for slipping on in-between matches. This is the upscale tennis aesthetic repurposed for a more inclusive sport.

Pair your highly coordinated outfit with our Newport paddle, with the assurance that you’re bringing preppy back into style. This pink pickleball paddle can go well with a wide range of whites, off-whites, off-blacks, and neutrals, making it a versatile design with a lot of visual appeal.

Pare down with functional, elevated basics

Sometimes we complicate things, whether that be with investing in absurd paddle specs before we’ve mastered the basics or committing to obscure game strategies without investing in our skills. We can do the same thing with our clothes – become so caught up in the aesthetics of it all without leaving room for truly functional clothes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pick one over the other. It’s possible to keep it chic while keeping your outfit simple and functional.

Invest in sports bras, pickleball skirts, pickleball dresses, and pickleball shirts in breathable fabrics. Choose the best shoes for the job to keep you comfortably on your feet for hours. Opt for sleek, dark colors like black, charcoal, and navy blue so you’ll always look put together, even if these wardrobe pieces aren’t necessarily meant to pair together. Finally, select a pickleball paddle that’s just as simple and clean, like our classic Holbrook paddle. Matching pickleball outfits to your paddles can serve to further elevate your look and pull everything together.

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