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Players can't stop raving about Holbrook Pickleball paddles. Don't take it from us, read below, they aren't dinking around.

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Pro - Power Pro E
Sherry Cooke
My favorite paddle

I have had probably 20 different paddles ranging from hundred dollars to $333. This is by far my favorite paddle. I added a little bit of weight to the outside and now it is perfect. It has excellent spin and plenty of power.

Nice Paddle

Great feel, great accuracy, great power. This paddle has it all.

Pro - Mav Pro
Love this paddle!

This paddle is awesome! I’m so glad I decided to purchase it. I recommend the Mav Pro highly!

Pro - Power Pro E
Dennis Silva

I really enjoy this paddle. I started with the rewind bc it looked cool. Then i was told by a peron who has knowledge of the game Holbrook is a good brand. Saw the review on the Pro-Power E and i must say im not disappointed!! I became a Holbrook brand fan!!

Great looks, power and control!

Been playing with the Performance Centre Court for a couple months now and absolutely love it. The looks get tons of compliments, and the quality coming off this thing catches people totally off guard. People seem to underestimate a cute paddle. Their mistake. Great power and control and a great value for the money. It has solid spin, too, and has stayed gritty so there's been no drop off on that. Love my first Holbrook paddle and can't wait to try more from their line!

Pro - Power Pro E
Jim Gerson
Power Pro 16mm

Love this paddle! It’s not easy to find a paddle that has great touch with surprising power, but this one hits the mark. I really encourage all to give this one a try, you won’t regret it!!

Xlnt all around paddle

I’ve used a number of different brands of paddles and the power pro, for me, is the I’ve had. Control, spin, & power all very good. If you’re on the fence, pull the trigger. You won’t be disappointed.

Great performing paddle.

The Pro-Power Pro E paddle plays great on both sides of the game touch control and power management.
I have been playing for 8 years and this paddle does it all. Holbrook great job.

Pro - Power Pro E
Hutch Daniels
So great I bought another!

The Powe Pro E is by far my favorite paddle and I have had dozens over the last few years! I like to have a backup paddle and I love this one so much I bought another! This gives me power and control. My PB buddies have even told me I am playing better with it! 😁

Power Pro E

I have been using my Power Pro for about a month now, wow it has helped my game. I love power, but it has also helped my control. I was using the Selkirk Power Pro, I liked it but I love my Holbrook paddle. I can’t wait to see how I do in a upcoming tournament.

Love it!!!

Pro - Power Pro
I loved this paddle

I've got the Selkirk vanguard which i love, but this was my first time playing with the longer handle and paddle face. i must say i kind of like having both options. I think i have a pickleball problem that i like having this many arrows in the quiver. solid construction, nice grip, and great pop when striking the ball hard. surface allows for a good amount of English (translation = spin) when desired. 5 stars. this thing is primo.

Power Pro E 16mm - GREAT Paddle

The Holbrook Power Pro E (16mm) is the best paddle I have used. Excellent power, control, and feel. I have purchased 3 and am a committed and satisfied customer. The customer service with Holbrook is also very good.

Pro - Power Pro
Michael McLean
Getting There…

Had the paddle for a couple weeks now… slowly learning to harass the “pop” of this paddle but overall love it Playing in a PPA tourney with it next week.. let’s go !!!

Pro - Power Pro E
bryan dickey
Stoked on the Power Pro

Best performing paddle I've owned. I'm a power player and the paddle gives me perfect feel and power on serves and returns. Massive upgrade to my game. The confidence the paddle gives me on the court is priceless.

Pro power pro

Love the paddle! Great customer service. Said they didn’t have a demo program but agreed to send me one anyway. Used it for a week, sent it back and purchased one immediately.

Pro - Power Pro E
Paulette Gratton

I love the Power Pro E
That little extra length is impressive! I absolutely love this paddle! I highly recommend trying it, you’ll end up loving it as well!

Pro - Power Pro
Duane Rauch

So far I love the paddle. Used it about four times and it’s great to play with
Would definitely recommend it.

Love, love, love it!

I purchased the Performance Rewind paddle for myself. I played with a demo for a couple of games and found that my dinks were more accurate and I still maintained the power that I like for those long shots. I am what people would call a banger but with this new paddle I'm finding I have more control with my shots. I loved it so much, I bought the Day N' Night for my husband. He is enjoying it as well.

Room for anything you can imagine necessary for your game.

Pro - Mav Pro
Michael Copley
Mav Pro

Very nice paddle for all levels! 4.0 and up good power with controlled feel for drives. Soft feel on drops and resets. 3.0 and up friendly, comfortable feel

Great racket. Have to get used to playing with it. A lot more speed.

Power Pro 16mm, the best

I love this paddle. I own the Carbon 3x, a Rombus Nova R.1, and have played extensively with other Carbon and Joola paddles. The Power Pro is my favorite by far. It gives me everything you look for: spin, control, and power. I found out about you guys at the Beer City tournament....tried the paddle...bought it and haven't looked back. Love the Holbrook backpack too.

Great customer service. Arrived quick and is so fun to play with. The paddle pops a little more takes some getting used to but works super well. Solid construction and great paddle grip. The face isn’t super rough but it still has a good amount of grip for spin. Exceeds my expectations for what I paid.


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