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Players can't stop raving about Holbrook Pickleball paddles. Don't take it from us, read below, they aren't dinking around.

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I have tried several paddles throughout the years and have to say this is one of my favorites
It has great control and a lightweight feel
Will definitely be a repeat customer

Most Predictable Paddle!!!

After owning several 'big brands' paddles, the Power Pro 12mm is the most consistent and predictable paddle of them all. Plenty Spin and POWER at your disposal without compromising control near the kitchen line.

Perfect from Home to Court Hat

This is a good quality hat that benefits from a simple design and colors. I have an, admittedly, large head so sometimes a good fitting hat is hard to come by. Thankfully this hat fits me with some room to spare, if needed.

Pro- Power Pro 14 (Pink) Love this Paddle so much!!!!

This is a fantastic paddle with the right amount of touch and power! It is also super cute with the pink trim! So happy I have a Holbrook paddle!

Pro - Mav Pro E
Michael Benish
Love it

This purchase was made impulsively. Most of my friends do lots of research but this one checked all the boxes on paper. It’s a perfect paddle for my style and the quality is better than my last paddle.

Pro - Mav Pro 16 (Blue)
Witten Paxton
Awesome Paddle!

Has a lot of spin and control. There was some power too. I love the color!

Pro - Power Pro E
Witten Paxton
Awesome Paddle!

It is a great paddle! It has the perfect amount of control, power, and spin. One of my favorite of Holbrook's Paddles!

Pro - Mav Pro E
Alexander Quigley
Pro mav elongated

Fantastic paddle for the price
Great customer service
Super quick delivery

Pro - Mav Pro
Laraine chamberlain
Best Customer Service Ever

I am new to Holbrook Pickleball and I have heard many good things about the company. I found out my Medicare insurance will pay for a paddle so I ordered one. I loved that it came so quickly. I emailed customer service to get a receipt that had all the details I needed to be reimbursed. I was happily surprised when they responded so quickly and had everything I needed. This is a great company,

Love it!

I got 14mm. It has good control and also good power!

Pro - Mav Pro
Great quality! Great paddle

One of the best pickle paddles, I’ve used lightweight and great quality

Power Pro E 16mm

The paddle is easy to control from all over court but wish I would have gone with the 12mm or 14mm to give a little more punch from the baseline or at the net.
There was a nail or staple at the lower part of the handle that created some discomfort under the tape which I was able to tap down. Lastly, the grip is a little slippery and had to put on a python glove.

Pro - Power Pro E
Gary Lederer
Game Changer

I am on my second Power Pro E (16mm) and this paddle is a game changer. The combination of power, spin, and control is why I have purchased multiple Holbrook paddles and is also why I have had several family members, friends, and PB associates also switch to Holbrook. Great paddles…better customer service.

Pro - Power Pro
Arulraj Nachimuthu
Seem to have some quality issues

Been about 3 months I started using the paddle, seem to have some dead spots now and the overgrip worn out badly already started tearing off..

Pro - Mav Pro E
Christopher Farruggio
Great paddle!

Love my Holbrook paddle!

Pro - Power Pro
Bill Fisher
Beginning to see a better player

I’ve recently purchased the Holbrook 12mm Pro line Paddle. Being new to the sport, I wanted a pathway to becoming competitive and I’ve already seen the change. I probably should have got the 14mm or even 16mm for my start, but I’m learning how much “pop” the 12mm carries. I’m convinced I made a solid purchase with a solid company. The look of the paddle is amazing as much as the reaction is. So I am excited for my game!!

Pickleball fanatic

I tried several brands of paddles and settled on Holbrook when I tried a friends. I am very happy with my new Holbrook. Even better was getting it at half price.


Great paddle, lightweight with excellent spin control. Definitely recommend this paddle to anyone looking to up their game.

Nice bag, but…

Received the podium bag. Liked it a lot but didn’t “love” it. Why?
- on the website, it looks like a clean white and black bag. Once I received it, it was a light to moderate grey. I wished it would have been white like it appeared on the website.
- it has more than enough pockets. I hope they add a “cooler” pocket for cold drinks in the future as they have plenty of space to make it happen.
- It is one of the only pickleball bags not to have hooks/clamps to hang on a fence.
The bag looks well constructed. I hope they make some changes as seen above. If so, I would repurchase.

Never used a nicer paddle

I’m new to pickle ball and was using rentals at the place I was playing. This paddle is like a whole different world compared what I was using. The quality of the handle is really what sold me upon arrival but the design and paddle are just perfection too. Definitely buying more for my parents as birthday gifts this year.

Best paddle Ever

I've played with a lot of paddles. Loved the Selkirk 006 but it was a little to poppy causing me to hit a lot of return of serves out so I went to the Luxx. The Luxx was nice but I didn't feel like it had the power I needed when I needed it. A buddy told me to try the Holbrook because he felt it was right in between. I tried it and immediately loved it. It had the power I needed when I needed it but not so much that I wasn't comfortable with return of Serves. It's just a perfect mix of power and control. I've left Selkirk and now advocate for Holbrook.

Pro Mac Pro

Love this paddle! The control and spin are awesome and the power is just right. I went from the CRBN x3 to this and I’m super happy with the results! (I play as a 4.0)

Pro - Mav Pro E
Cameron Briggs
I love this paddle!

The texture is perfect. I played with the SoHo for a while and upgraded to the Mav Pro E and could not be more satisfied. The thickness gives me just a bit more control as well. The paddle seems a touch more forgiving too than the SoHo but both are great paddles. My wife uses my SoHo now and has fallen in love with the look of it. Sometimes she’s too busy admiring it that she forgets to play, but we will work on that. Totally satisfied!

Pro - Mav Pro E
Paulette Gratton
Game changer!

I bought the Mav Pro for my daughter in law and she instantly loved it, brought her old paddle just in case but never looked back! Loved the longer handle for a two handed backhand! Our families new obsession, the Holbrook paddles, we are 8 for 8 now! Highly recommend!

Great control.

I am 4.5 player and found that the Power Pro 16 gives me good power and pop as well as better control than the several other paddles I tested, including the 6.0 DBD, PB Apes Energy S, and Engage Pursuit Pro MX 6.0. My teaching pro said my control is much better with the Holbrook and the guys I play with have commented on my improved play. I love the feel and balance of the paddle. No regrets at all with the purchase of 2 of these paddles.


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